Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) is one of the most important aspects of your corporate or commercial security system. CCTV systems may be as simple as a single camera monitoring a door or as complex as a multi-camera system monitoring a number of areas and sites. Centec provides CCTV systems for both the commercial and corporate sector, Australia-wide.

When investing in CCTV systems, it is important to hire the right company. Too many security providers only offer kit or one-size-fits-all CCTV systems. However, every business is unique, with widely varying needs. As a result, the one-size-fits-all options simply do not work and leave your business at risk.

The right security provider, like Centec, provides custom CCTV solutions to fit your particular needs. A fully custom system will help your business reduce risks and provide the right security for your company.

CCTV is integral in reducing risk, target hardening, and deterring would-be criminals. Our systems are capable of providing precision security, with real time footage. We offer mobile viewing, remote access for your site. We also offer NFC access by phone, and open systems were required.

But CCTV is far more than simple video security and works best when part of a custom, integrated security system. Centec creates custom CCTV system to benefit every aspect of your business.

Centec can utilise CCTV as part of a number plate detection system. For example, a database of approved number plates can be cross checked with a CCTV system, allowing your security system to open doors or gates for company vehicles. It can also help confirm timesheets and employee hours.

Commercial CCTV

In a commercial environment, CCTV can analyse customer demographics, in order to improve sales and marketing. It can monitor employees and customers, especially in cases of theft, embezzlement and other related crimes. Video footage is integral for police investigations and asset protection.

Further, CCTV can improve emergency management. Utilise CCTV to report, at any stage, who is in the building and ensure proper evacuation of all rooms, areas and workstations. CCTV is so much more than commercial and corporate intruder detection and deterrence. Contact us today to find out what our integrated CCTV can do for you.

At Centec, we focus on relationships with our customers. We don’t simply install and leave. We offer, not only our continued services and maintenance, but upgrades after installation. With Centec, you will always have the advantage of future technology.

We are well-resourced to cover your needs, Australia-wide. Centec uses the highest quality CCTV products on the market, from a range of brands including:

  • Panasonic
  • Milestone
  • Mobotix
  • Samsung/Hanwha