At Centec, we believe in providing a healthy, flexible and welcoming workplace for all employees.

Centec employees have strong technical and personal skills, and are willing and eager to undergo further training. Centec provides all employees with in-house training, as well as factory training on all security products we provide. As a result, every Centec employee you work with is up-to-date on all industry leading products and services.

Centec also recognise that a mentally healthy workplace benefits everyone – our people, our business, our customers and the broader community. We are committed to promoting mental wellbeing. We minimise workplace risks to mental health, support employees experiencing mental health issues (regardless of cause), and reducing the stigma associated with mental health conditions.

As part of our continuing commitment to promoting positive mental health, Centec has signed up to be part of the Heads Up campaign. The Heads Up campaign is a joint initiative with Beyond Blue and the Mentally Healthy Workplace Alliance.

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