Footage Analysis

At Centec we have specially trained personnel who are able to review, retrieve and audit any footage from your CCTV system. We can do this either onsite or remotely. CCTV systems record valuable imaging around the clock, and is valuable evidence in criminal investigations. Our control room is Australia-based only. We do not outsource our footage analysis overseas. As a result, we can protect your data and analyse as soon as possible.

Video verification is vital for all corporate and commercial businesses. It is integral for determining the next course of action for both internal and external investigations. CCTV and footage analysis is invaluable to help pinpoint crime or fraud. As a result, our staff treat data retrieval very seriously.

Centec staff can review and retrieve footage for the police, or to report on suspicious activity, and breaches in company policy. Our services provide you with tighter control over your policies, procedures, staff and cash handling.

Centec Security Group is the only security service in Australia that provides data matching with camera footage. As a result, we give you better security options when it comes to securing your site, safeguarding your employees, and deterring crime. 

By matching data to CCTV footage, you can also create a number of innovative systems, such a number plate detection and timesheet confirmations. We can also help narrow down suspects in cases of fraud, theft, or embezzlement. No other service in Australia can create custom, integrated systems with data matching technology. Take advantage of our expertise today!

No matter how big or small your system is, our team is capable of reviewing, retrieving, auditing and analysing footage as required.

If you want to keep your security on the cutting edge, contact Centec today to discuss your custom solution.