Perimeter Control and Surveillance

Traditional perimeter protection is reactive, rather than proactive. It focuses on alerting you after a break in, not before. This has long resulted in damages and loss for businesses, even when the criminal is caught.

As a business owner, it is your responsibility to protect your business, products, property and employees – and traditional perimeter control is just not effective in this regard. You need a system that detects would-be intruders before they get in, rather than once they get in.

Centec provides custom security options to suit the needs of your business. By installing the right security system you can deter criminals before they enter your property, and avoid losses due to lost product, property damage and/or employee injury. But, too often, businesses only buy security systems after a break in. Spending money now on security will help your bottom line in the long run.

Integrated Systems

The best perimeter control is an integrated system that combines a range of security technology. While an alarm system on its own can scare an intruder into leaving, without a CCTV system you cannot identify who broke in or provide video evidence to the police. Similarly, without an alarm system, CCTV can only record the crime in process and not alert you to the intruder, resulting in extensive losses..

As a result, Centec perimeter protection and surveillance options involve a carefully integrated system of services. We offer CCTV, electric fencing, security beam technology, photo-electric beams and heat mapping. Our systems can detect an intruder up to 500m, acting not only as a deterrent but also sounding an alarm before a break-in, rather than during.

Our electric fencing is specifically designed to protect your external property by monitoring the fence line. Centec electric fencing does not necessarily electrocute someone touching the fence. Rather, it detects any interference with the fence – from touching to cutting – and sounds an intruder detection alarm. They are a safe, reliable option for fence line protection and invaluable as part of your integrated security system.

To learn more about protecting your commercial, corporate or manufacturing premises, contact the team at Centec today.