Back to Base Monitoring

In years past, businesses only paid attention to their security systems when they trigger or during emergencies. However, modern security technology and advances allow companies like Centec to offer comprehensive protection all year round.

Centec provides back to base monitoring via our Australian-based control centre. Our highly trained staff monitors the event history of your security system, 24/7. We never outsource our monitoring, which means your data stays in Australia and you can be swiftly notified in the event of a break in, emergency, or other threat to your property.

When your back to base system is triggered, our staff will alert you within minutes, as well as alerting your nominated emergency response service or plan.

Our back to base monitoring systems use a variety of technology to alert our monitoring centre of issues or emergencies. Some systems utilise GPRS or wireless cellular radio frequencies, similar to mobile phones. This allows out monitoring centre to stay connected to your system, even during power outages.

Other systems utilise IP or Internet Protocol systems utilising the internet to connect to our monitoring centre.

We staff our monitoring centre 24 hours a day, every day of the year. As a result, there is always someone monitoring your intruder detection system. Feel confident that your premise is monitored and secure, all year round.

We offer back to base monitoring for all our commercial and corporate clients. Contact our team today for your custom security system by Centec.