Alarm Systems

Also known as Intruder Detection, alarm systems are one of the traditional methods of commercial and corporate security. Alarm systems provide constant, 24/7 monitoring for your business and assists in avoiding any potential theft or damage to your assets.

Alarm systems are easy to control, with a variety of methods available to secure your premise. You can utilise a traditional security code system via keypad or touchscreen, to smartphone apps or remote control.

Centec uses a range of leading security brands in our intruder detection systems. These include:

  • Inner Range
  • Paradox
  • Bosch & Hills
  • Integriti

Intruder detection systems can alert you to an intrusion via a variety of options, from dialler monitoring that reports to a security control room, to IP monitoring and smartphone push notifications. Centec can provide you with the control and alert systems you prefer. We also offer alarm monitoring via our Australian control system. Centec does not outsource to overseas control rooms. As a result, our Australian technicians will handle your alerts as soon as possible.

We offer a range of innovative technology, including PIRs, duress buttons, smoke detectors, and photo-electric beams, to protect corporate and commercial businesses. A visible alarm system can also be a deterrent for would-be criminals.

PIR and Motion Detection Systems

PIR, or motion detection systems, can sense movement on your site and send an alert or trigger an alarm. These are generally cost-effective and cover a wide area. Photo-electric beams can trigger an alarm or alert when someone or something breaks the beam. They work best as part of your perimeter protection.

Duress, hold up, or panic buttons are ideal security systems for employees, especially in the corporate sector. This allows employees to discreetly alert your control room of an incident. As a result, you can call law enforcement immediately.

Finally, we recommend specialised corporate and commercial smoke detectors that are integrated into your alarm system. In the case of a fire, you can call emergency services immediately. Integrating your alarm system with CCTV can help you assess who is in the building and improve evacuation.

As such, we recommend alarm systems as part of a robust, integrated security system. CCTV used in conjunction with your intruder detection to check rooms in the case of emergency, or identify intruders. You can monitor premises, encourage staff safety, detect theft or employee fraud, and provide evidence to law enforcement in the case of intruders or a break in.

Centec has extensive experience utilising intruder detection outside of its traditional usage. For example, we can use your plant alarm systems to detect machinery failing or falling, under or over temperature machinery, and plant flooding. In remote areas, alarm and access control systems can also be used to create mobile hotspots.

Contact us today so we can design a custom system to suit your unique site and business needs.