Fever Screening Thermal Solutions

What is Centec Fever Screening Thermal Camera?

Thermal screening cameras are highly efficient, non-contact thermal cameras that can detect elevated body temperatures in moving crowds. They have an accuracy of 0.5 degrees Celsius. They are ideal for high traffic, high demand areas including nursing homes, retail, schools, and cinemas, as well as workplaces.

With AI human body detection, thermal cameras can fix the temperature measurement to the human body, which helps reduce false alarms. The system also features embedded audio alarms that trigger an audio notification in the event of a high temperature reading, via an audio output device.

Accurate Temperature Measurement

The thermal camera utilizes strict calibration and standardized testing procedures to establish a stable and highly accurate temperature measurement model. This is integral with COVID-19 still prominent in the community.

Flexible Rules

All thermal products allow for multiple temperature measurement rules. This allows users to select rules for various scenarios for maximum accuracy.

Easy-to-Use Interface

Centec provides the powerful VMS software for temperature analysis both on and offline. This allows users to set up measurement rules, display results visually and provide test reports. You can also use a Thermal app on the move.

Fever screening is a must when the health of our community must come first.

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